Mia Khalifa is a well-known porno movie star from Lebanon, as many fans of the genre know, and she is especially passionate about social networking.
The name of this woman, for whom millions of spectral lovers yearn, is one of the most sought after on the Internet, according to the oracle of Delphi which is Google.
As expected, ISIS has quickly threatened her with death. And that’s despite the fact that the Lebanese said she’s not a Muslim. It must be because of your Arabic status. It was not known that ISIS would also defend the Arab cause of modesty.

To draw attention to herself as much as possible, the young Khalifa has worn a hijab while practicing her sexual pursuits, this handkerchief that is the object of all sorts of conjecture, by which many and many show their attachment to faith, their cultural identification, or both. There are, logically, many intermediate or mixed colors, until they become a difficult mass to describe precisely why the hijab.
The «actress» points out that this is a satire, although we don’t know what, whether it is a satire from the huri of the Salafist imaginary, or from herself, a girl who seems to triumph as an Arab, and who breaks all taboos before the liberal public.
Far from what many consider, and according to the oracle of algorithms, are societies made up of Muslims from which more porn is searched on the net. Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the kings of the pantheon of this universal practice, although in this case they clash with precepts clearly related to Islam, as is notorious.
Pornography obviously goes hand in hand with a large number of aesthetic manifestations of the contemporary world. The bulk of the industry is in the USA and Germany, two economic superpowers of the world. And it moves more money than the mother of the audiovisual lamb, Hollywood.
But not everything is liberalism in the globalized world. In January 2011, Indonesia arrested pop singer Nazril Irham after starring in a porn video. Foreign investors immediately criticised the decision, and made their future businesses subject to «further openness».
A rather troubling warning, as if business were hand in hand with pornography. I wonder if they would be able to threaten China in that way, or they have already done so, but the warning is not public.
In short, economic ISIS threatened a corrupt government that arrested a singer for his penchant for published sex.
The reality is that the use of pornography is a weapon of war. Sexual abuse, too. We’ve already seen it in Redacted, by Brian de Palma, about the invasion of Iraq, and the rape of girls by some feisty marines.
It happens where the economic regime of the usurpation of the external resources has set sail. And it does so with particular joy without the globalized citizenry being properly informed about this form of exploitation and humiliation.
Arturo Barea tells us that the ancient city of Xauen went from being a saint to a brothel of Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons. The French were tearing up the hijab of the Algerians, with the aim of punishing them in public. There are many examples in history of the plundering of Muslim women from the hijab.
However, the case of Mia Khalifa is the reverse. She’s a Lebanese girl educated in the United States since she was a child. She was a woman without hijab, with no internal or external traits to identify herself as a Muslim.
This is a woman who, far from taking o ff her hijab, in order to liberate herself from oppression, puts it on her sexual wrangling. And he gets a very useful prize that manifests global hypocrisy: the phenomenon of identification, which is not ironic, but a sarcasm, to which not few Internet users from countries where there are a large number of Muslims, when they type on their computer «porn with hijab» -a real and ruthless oxymoron- affirming a desire that is given, that works, and that gives enormous amounts of money and generates money.
The loop between Mia Khalifa and ISIS is perfectly closed. They both make money with sexual exploitation. One, in a conscious way. The others too. And in what way. When one squeezes, the others react, and so on, until it is decided to focus on other things. It is not just a question of making cash, but of interpreting and representing all the merciless contradictions in the great mirror of the world.
In short, I leave you with Mia Khalifa.

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