Mia Khalifa is the most searched porn star on the Internet. Her intimate and private life could not be unaware of this. It finally reveals how the Lebanese actress looked like before. Her real name, afictions, strengths and joys will no longer be a mystery.

Twitter users took out an old image of the Lebanese woman, when she still didn’t have the voluptuous look that she has today. Mia was thin, she went to college and without being very graceful, she looked like she was going to be one ordinary girl. In cyberspace, Mia was compared to Chavista Delcy Rodriguez. «Delcy is our Mia Khalifa,» write the Venezuelans. Plus, they linked his picture to a muppet’s. «Pick the ugliest one, you’ll win an iPhone,» wrote another user. But in adult cinema, few actresses have been characterized as very beautiful.

A very big star in the world of porn

Mia doesn’t like to be overshadowed and that’s why when she saw the delivery of the Oscars, she realized that model Chrissy Teigen won too much screen, so she decided to take a similar image, with the same attire and making the same gestures. She asked to win more’ I like’ in Instagram.

Khalifa remains in the eye of the storm because various Islamic groups and other extremists continue to threaten her with death for dishonoring her religion. She takes it as a joke. «The unofficial pet of Florida Seminole and porn in the off-season»is described with irony, while living in Miami. Mia’s real name is Sarah Chamoun, with that name she made a university degree in Art History. But soon after, she married an American named Sarah Joe O’ Brien. According to unofficial sources, she is imprisoned. This image shows him wearing a suit from the American army. Maybe it’s just a costume.

Mia hasn’t yet divorced or found a new love, she may want to keep her partner out of the popularity. She had already made porn since she was 19, and she wasn’t very well known. Her success crossed borders when she began to make trios with her burka or hijab.

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